Safety and Outbreak Prevention Protocols

Eden House Care Facility has always maintained strong infection control protocols. When the pandemic began, we put into place enhanced infection protocols that allowed us to help protect residents and our community:

PPE available and required to be worn by all staff members

Screening of all visitors and staff

Enhanced infection prevention and control education for staff

Regular surveillance of resident health

Regular testing for Covid-19

Increased cleaning and disinfection of high-touch surfaces

Physical distancing in dining rooms and common areas

Increased communication with family members 

All staff, students, contractors, essential caregivers and general visitors must be triple vaccinated to enter Eden House Care Facility to ensure the safety of our residents.  Our homes policy is for all staff and visitors to have 3 vaccines. Proof of vaccine is required at the screening door and at this point a RAT is done upon entry to the home.  If family members do not have 3 vaccines the home will work with them to ensure we assist in coordinating a window visit, FaceTime call or outdoor visit.